Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nancy Pelosi vs Barak Obama

Nancy Pelosi was elected House minority leader for next session.  Someone thought that she ought to make way to moderates.

Wrong.  The voters punished the Democrats not because they did too much, too boldly, rather too timidly, or too quietly.

After eight miserable George W. Bush years, American people were eager to reclaim democracy and human decency in this once great country and that was why Obama's "change" mantel fired up so many people's imagination.  People wanted to resurrect like phoenix.  It was a great opportunity to move the country forward.

Once Obama entered the White House, he could have moved the agenda boldly, with a clear reasoning and articulation.  The Republican congressmen and senators could be called upon to join his then unstoppable bandwagon, or face the fate of eternal irrelevancy.

Obama took the opportunity but flaunted it.

It was due to Nancy Pelosi's skill as House Speaker that Obama could claim any achievement in the first two years of his presidency, but he not only declined to lead, he never lifted a finger to help his fighters, refused to articulate what those agendas could help people.  He instead sat on his hands and waited for a bi-partisanship to emerge, and ceded bully pulpit to his opponents who wanted only his destruction. 

I think President Barak Obama owns House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her congressional colleagues an apology, and above all, an apology to American people who installed him to move the country out of the dark age of George W. Bush.

Someone were upset and blamed Pelosi for losing the majority of the house.  If you don't wield your power, then what was the point of granting you that?

The voters didn't punish Pelosi's actions; the voters punished Obama's (seemingly) inaction.

I am afraid that next two years, we won't be able to see much achievement, even if Obama became a fighter.  The golden opportunity was lost and there was no remedy for that.  Pelosi or anyone else as the House minority leader has been neutered as well.

This poor country will get poorer.

Leisurely / 悠然 / Gemächlich
© Matthew Felix Sun

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