Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bush Tax Cuts? Let's Talk About Obama Tax Cuts

President Obama and his Democrat congressional colleagues are outmaneuvered by their Republican opponents once again and was dragged into the debate of partially or fully extension of Bush Tax Cuts, which was allowed to pass on the condition that it would expire at a fixed time. The time is approaching and the Republicans are now demanding to made the tax cut permanent, therefore made that condition a pretext and a cover for Blue Dog Democrat for robbing the poor to pay rich.

Instead of debating if Bush tax cut should be extended at all, for how long and for whom, Democrats should propose a new temporary tax cuts to combat the economic crisis we are still in.

Only by fully owing the tax cuts Democrats want to sanction, they will be given due credit. Otherwise, be prepared that people would bestow the mantel of hope to George W. Bush.

Kampf / 抗爭 / Kampf
© Matthew Felix Sun

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