Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Representative Barbara Lee's Anger

San Francisco Chronicle reported that some lawmakers are very uncomfortable, or even angry at America's involvement in enforcing non-fly zone in Libya, to protect civilian being slaughtered by Libyan's army and mercenaries, such as the reaction from Barbara Lee, who did her lone duty to oppose Bush's disastrous invasion of Iraq:
Rep. Barbara Lee, an anti-war Oakland Democrat, echoed Lugar's concerns. "What is our responsibility and commitment there?" Lee said, and asked, "Where do we draw the line for military intervention considering unrest and violence" in nations such as Congo, Ivory Coast and Yemen?
It is right for congress to be involved and even authorize such intervention, which came way too late.  But technically speaking, we are not at war with Libya, therefore, it is debatable if US's involvement needs congressional approval.  As for Lee's concern regarding responsibility and commitment, which she could help to define it.

Our involvement is not without caution.  Decision was not made recklessly and spontaneously.  Our target was well chosen, acknowledging the real politics and our limitation.  When the Russian army was pounding Chechnya, and if it were Chinese army bombing its people, we would not try to enforce a non-fly zone.  Libya is weaker and can be brought down to its knees.  With the Arab countries' consent, we also have moral high ground.

One thing we cannot forget is that US is still the strongest country in the world and should bear appropriate responsibility, both in keeping the world peaceful and combating global warming and drug traffic.  We have failed in many fronts but that should not deter us to fulfill some of our moral obligations.

This kind of commitment and responsibility would not live forever.  As a declining empire, the days of US's hegemony are numbered.

One of the days, Americans would say this with nostalgia:  Whenever there was a crisis, we were always called upon to play the police and firefighters.  How we wish we can do it again.

Representative Lee, please do remember that the world's wealth helped to make US strong and great and the strong and great US should not always shirk its duties.

Siege / 圍攻 / Belagerung

It was House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi who had the right insight:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, who was briefly hospitalized for fatigue Monday in Italy after returning from Afghanistan, added nothing to her statement Friday commending Obama "for his leadership and prudence on how our nation will proceed in regards to Libya and work in concert with European and Arab allies to address the crisis.

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