Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lessons Not Learned

In my previous blog entry, Irrationality Must Be Repudiated, I discussed the debates regarding the planned new mosque near the site of former World Trade Center in New York.

People need to be reminded that it was a group of radicals who flew two passenger jets into the World Trade Center, not being sanctioned by entire Muslim people, therefore the opposition to the plan is misguided. This reminded me of the internment of Japanese Americans after the Pearl Harbor attack by the Japanese Air Force. It seems that the historical lessons have yet to be learned.

Mus I, a Chinese American, run to Canada for protection, if a war breaks out between China and the US?

Yesterday, I heard Margaret Atwood on radio and I remembered that when the attack on World Trade Center happened, I was reading her "The Handmaid's Tale" and was chilled by my prediction that the US was poised to become the country she described in that book. In the past decade, I observed the marches or inching over towards that apocalyptic end. It seems that we have become a nation with only one resolve, which is undermining all values we have held dear.

Sheltering / 掩护 / Schützen

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