Friday, April 9, 2010

Sad State of English Education

With the end of George W Bush era, I hoped for a return of reason and correct English. Alas, my hope was dashed by Barak Obama's infamous, wrongly used phrase of "too big to fail". The strangulation of English continued.

Even in my daily life, I was assaulted by such misuse of English constantly. A friend of mine, who has a degree in English from the prestigiousUniversity of California Berkeley, often uses phrases like "more sharp" instead of sharper. I also heard Obama talked about the new nuclear weapon treaty will make our country "safer and more secure". Securer should be used instead of secure.

How sad that even such elites cannot speak proper English.

Dissonance / 不和諧音 / Dissonanz

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  1. I feel that I owe President Obama an apology. "Securer", though sanctioned by Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is not necessarily more correct than "more secure". After all, English is a living language and the correct way to speak it is the correct way it sounds.

    However, it is still unforgivable for President Obama to deliberately misuse the phrase "too big to fail."