Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Beginning of the Ending

Having lived in the United States of America for almost two decades, I have observed the sad and almost headlong dash towards the end of an era, or the collapse of the empire (without territorial occupation, in most cases though), with very mixed emotions.

The main event of 2009 was the collapse of the housing market and financial institutions, the high unemployment rate and the inept effort by the Obama Administration to push for a health-care reform. The sad story continues in 2010. By many economists' estimate, that at best, the unemployment rate will come down to the pre-recession level by 2010.

Yet, most Americans are in denial still. They don't realize that America Empire is only a sand castle. We either toughen ourselves to admit that we want to be the overlord and work on fortifying the castle or admit that we don't have the mental strength or financial resources to sustain such imperial effort and call it a quit. Otherwise, we will be evicted. That process would be even more painful.

House of Hope / 希望之家 / Haus der Hoffnung

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